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Quantiative Genetics of Recombination

How does recombination rate vary within and between populations, and is it optimized by selection?

Brain Evolution

How do ecological forces shape the evolution of the brain?

Recombination and Adaptation

How does recombination shape the genetic architecture of adaptation?

Speciation Genomics

What are the genetic changes that result in the formation of new species?

Selected Publications

2016, University of British Columbia
My doctoral thesis focused on testing key predictions about the genomics of adaptation and speciation. Using a variety of methods, I examined the genetic archtiecture of reproductive isolation in the early phases of speciation, explored the intertwining roles of ecology and sex in speciation, and tested predictions about the genomic architecture of adaptation.

2014, Ecology and Evolution
Uncovering factors that shape variation in brain morphology remains a major challenge in evolutionary biology. Recently, it has been shown that brain size is positively associated with level of parental care behavior in various taxa. One explanation for this pattern, the 'parental brain hypothesis is' that the cognitive demands of performing complex parental care may require increased brain size. We tested this prediction by examining populations of stickleback that vary in their degree of parental care. We found that sexual dimorphism in brain size is reversed in non-parenting stickleback populations: males have smaller brains than females. Thus, while several alternatives need to be ruled out, the parental brain hypothesis appears to be a viable explanation for sexual dimorphism in brain size in threespine sticklebacks.


Complete list

  • Gene flow and selection interact to promote adaptive divergence in regions of low recombination

    2017, Molecular Ecology (accepted)


  • Predation causes the evolution of smaller brains in experimental populations of threespine stickleback

    2017, In review


  • Inversions and the origin of behavioral differences in cod

    2016, Molecular Ecology (Perspective)

    Details PDF

  • The evolutionary genomics of adaptation and speciation in the threespine stickleback

    2016, University of British Columbia

    Details PDF

  • Reversed brain size sexual dimorphism accompanies loss of parental care in white sticklebacks

    2014, Ecology and Evolution

    Details PDF

  • Indiscriminate care of offspring predates the evolution of sociality in alloparenting social spiders

    2013, Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology

    Details PDF

  • Sister clade comparisons reveal reduced maternal care behavior in social cobweb spiders

    2012, Behavioral Ecology

    Details PDF

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